Sunggyun Kim

Full Stack Web Developer & Data Scientist



Code Hax

Code Hax is my blog where I have been writing down code examples in different languages so I can learn new code patterns. It also serves as a reference for coders whether it is their first programming language or they are trying to learn a new one. I have posts on Ruby, Python with plans to write some about Javascript, CSS, and JS Frameworks.

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Twitter Vibe

A Rails app where users sign in with Twitter and generate a Twitter vibe chart. The app runs the user's tweets through a sentiment analysis algorithm and graphs the results on an area chart.

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Twitter Burst

Twitter Burst

A Rails and Node app that creates a stream connection to twitter and queries for a hashtag. Play against the computer to get most hits on your hashtag in 30 seconds

About Me

"Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance."
- Confucious

Myers-Briggs: INTJ

Voice Type: Tenor/Baritone

Currently In: Washington, DC

Founder: University of Richmond Archery Club

Preferred News Sources: The Economist, NPR

Spoken Langauges: English, French, Korean, Japanese

Profession: Full Stack Developer / Data Scientist

Weapons of Choice: Python, JavaScript, Ruby

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